Alumna Takes Leap into New Teaching Role for the Times MacKenzie Riley Young | August 25, 2020

When Val Buteau ’14 graduated cum laude from Thomas with her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, she was sure of two things: that she loved teaching and that she wanted to make a difference. Fast forward to the challenging times of 2020, and Val’s experience both at Thomas and as a teacher in the field intersected into the perfect opportunity to become Remote Learning Coordinator at the Fiddlehead School of Arts and Sciences in Gray, ME. 

Val Buteau

While at Thomas, Val earned a reputation as an engaging and hardworking student and an innovative problem solver. She began working at the Fiddlehead School of Arts and Sciences (FSAS) shortly after graduating, taking these skills with her. FSAS is recognized as a STEAM School (science, technology, engineering, art and math) in the state, with a progressive emergent curriculum with a focus on the engagement of all students. 

This summer, FSAS discovered that around 27% of its students were committed to online learning during the pandemic, underscoring the need for an online learning program. “I’m proud of my professional growth and was thrilled to have a lot of support in applying for the Remote Learning Coordinator role,” Val says. “I’m looking forward to this new adventure and focusing on the whole child, even from a distance.”  

“We are in uncharted waters right now,” she adds, “but my time and experiences at Thomas are helping me navigate this new experience.”