Alumni Success Story: Julian Margitza ’16 Web Director | February 7, 2023

Thomas College alumnus Julian Margitza recently landed a new job as General Manager at Scott’s Recreation in Manchester, Maine.

Julian earned his Business Management degree here and has since used it to gain experience in the business field.

“The main reason why I chose this path through Thomas College was to set myself up to be the most well-rounded individual I could be in the business field. Learning about all aspects of a business was important to me because I want to be knowledgeable about different scenarios,” said Julian about his Thomas College business degree.

“My time at Thomas College helped prepare me for my career by providing me with courses that were geared to where I wanted to take myself professionally. I knew I wanted to get into business, and becoming well versed in different aspects of a business really prepared me for the professional world.”

Julian says he really enjoys his new position and is confident that what he learned at Thomas College contributed to his professional success. His day-to-day job consists of being the first line of support for all departments including Sales, Service, Accounting Marketing, Parts, Customer Service, Logistics, Financing, and Human Resources.

“My advice for someone who wants to study and pursue business would be to absorb as much as you can. Be a sponge. Take advantage of opportunities that might be uncomfortable at first. Learning how to get through those uncomfortable situations will help you grow in this field,” said Julian. “Employers look for leaders that aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. A piece of advice that I was given was to analyze situations before acting on them. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Hear out what is going on, create a plan, and follow through with it and act on it with confidence.”

Overall, Julian said Thomas College helped provide the foundation for being the best manager he can be.

“I was able to get a great education, build friendships and connections, and have fun doing all of that. I really enjoyed attending Thomas College, especially in the environment it has built and created.”