An Early Start to Support MacKenzie Riley Young | April 20, 2020

Annie Dennis ’21 is finishing up her first year at Thomas College. Looking back, she is so happy about how her journey at Thomas College began.

Annie Dennis

Annie joined a group of her peers a couple weeks early through the Early Start program at Thomas College in the Fall.

“Being able to move in early and to complete a college class in two weeks has helped me greatly when it comes to be organized and getting my work done in a timely manner. The friends I made during that time have stuck through the year – whether it was classmates or tutors,” said the early childhood education major.

Besides the head-start she received during the Early Start program, Annie said the Student Success Center in general has continued being a place she can utilize throughout the year.

“The tutors and staff here do their best to support you with all of your struggles. Everyone here at Thomas welcomes you with open arms and considers you family.”

And even though Annie can’t be face-to-face with her Thomas family right now, she’s glad she still has them virtually for support.