Helping Students Adapt to College Life MacKenzie Riley Young | April 20, 2020

Student Shannon Kostovick ’21 enjoys helping incoming students adapt to live at college for the first time. As an Early Start tutor, she helps students in the Early Start program, who move-in to campus two weeks early and take an intensive for-credit course before the fall semester begins.

Shannon Kostovick

“I really enjoy getting to know the students and start to build relationships with them,” said Shannon. “I liked being in the classroom every day and I had fun helping to guide them in some of the activities that they had to do during class.”

When Shannon is not helping others, she finds support through the TRIO academic coaching program.

“I really enjoy meeting with my academic coach because we have built a great friendship and we have gotten close over the years that I have been at Thomas College. I also really like the different events that TRIO puts on like movie nights, motivational speakers, game nights, and much more,” she said. “I have met a lot of cool people at these events and I have made some new friends as well. My academic coach has helped me through a lot and I do not know where I would be without her.”

During this time, she’s happy to have support virtually and stay connected with her academic coach and her peers.