Business Student Highlight Web Director | May 6, 2022

Starting a clothing company has been a dream for Casey Gallant ‘24 since 2019.  

He wanted to develop a brand with a message that people could relate to. It is one thing to have a product that is comfortable to wear, it is another thing to have a product that is inspiring to wear. 

Thus, Lonely Mile was born.  

“The majority of the public can relate to the name ‘Lonely Mile’ because everyone has times of hardship where they may have to act on their own to surpass a challenge,” said Gallant. “The brand is worn as a sign of resilience in times of difficulty.”  

It didn’t take long after Casey began as a student at Thomas for him to utilize the resources available on campus to grow his brand from a great idea to the successful business that it is today.  

He developed a knowledge of sales and marketing in his business courses with professors like Dr. Rick Saucier and Dr. Dan Leland; made his first sales to friends on campus; and most importantly met his now business partner, Harrison Mosher ‘21, MBA ‘22.  

Gallant and Mosher are hard at work using their business education from Thomas College, developing new products, expanding their sales avenues, and dreaming about the future of their company.  

Together they are walking the lonely mile, made less lonely due to their Thomas College connections, towards business success and we cannot wait to see where it leads them.