Chris Santiago Receives Several Awards for Contribution to Community MacKenzie Riley Young | April 26, 2024

Thomas College community members are known for their giving and collaborative nature. Staff member Christopher Santiago sets the standard high for his contributions to the local community and was recently recognized for his tireless efforts.

Chris, who is the Director of Safety and Security at Thomas, was recently recognized for his work as an adult volunteer (Scouter) by the Kennebec Valley District of Pine Tree Council (Boy Scouts of America) for various accolades, one of which was the District Award of Merit.

“I have been involved in Scouting for the past four years with my son and it has been extremely rewarding. For those that know me well, I am a city slicker so at times it can be quite comical watching me operate in nature, but it has been a true example of lifelong learning and role modeling for young people to push beyond their comfort level. Scouting has lent itself to my leadership abilities and provides me with another lab to test my philosophies while molding a new generation of leaders. I love working with young people because it helps keep me young and is quite fulfilling when I see the fruits of that labor in their successes.”

Chris and his family are also involved with the Knights of Columbus Abnaki Council 334 in Augusta, and they were recognized as the Council Selection for Family of the Year and have been nominated to be in the running to win the Knights of Columbus State Council Family of the Year for the state of Maine.

“It was overwhelming to be awarded with all of these awards because I have dedicated my life to providing service to others, and while it was wonderful to be recognized I would not have been able to do all the things I do for others without the support and sacrifice of my family who allow me to follow my heart and my passions,” said Chris. “I am also grateful for those I volunteer with and specifically the other parents who put their faith and trust in me, to lead programs benefitting the growth and development of their children.”

“I am grateful for those who support me in my home, work, and civic lives. I have been bestowed with many blessings as a result,” he said.

Congratulations, Chris! Thomas College is so lucky to have you as part of our community.