Service for Students with Disabilities

Thomas College, although it has no organized academic programs for individuals with disabilities, is committed to providing academic accommodations and access to college facilities as needed. A student who needs supportive services will meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to review their needs and associated accommodations. During this meeting, the student will identify the disability, describe the challenges that exist because of the condition, and discuss appropriate and reasonable accommodations. The student should provide any helpful information, such as the transition plan prepared by high-school support services. The College may request a reasonable level of documentation to fully understand the students’ needs and the best way to support the student. These materials are confidential and will not be released without the student’s permission. Once the accommodation is approved, a student will receive assistance through the appropriate college offices. In general, assistance is coordinated by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Accommodations for students with physical disabilities (including dietary restrictions) include classroom assignments, dining options and housing that ensure students’ access to, and participation in, academic and residential life.

Students with learning or psychological disabilities are entitled to “reasonable accommodations” that allow students to participate in the regular program of study. Individual needs and proper consideration for the integrity of Thomas College programs of study determine all accommodations. Every student is expected to meet the standards for passing Thomas College courses, and, accordingly, every student at Thomas is encouraged to take advantage of tutoring services as well as individual assistance provided by instructors during office hours. In addition, students with disabilities who have requested assistance may be entitled to other accommodation (determined by the student and the Dean of Student Affairs in consultation with course instructors). These may include extended time on examinations, alternative exam formats, use of tape recording, special seating arrangements, a separate room for examinations, etc. Accommodation is made on a case-by-case basis.

Students benefit most when they actively participate in seeking and acquiring necessary assistance. It is important that students inform the Student Affairs office of their needs, provide timely information and documentation (as required) and comply with deadlines and agreements throughout the accommodation process. The College welcomes the opportunity to assist students and will act in a supportive and timely fashion so that students can successfully complete their academic programs.

For more information, or to arrange for an appointment, please contact Lisa Desautels-Poliquin, Dean of Student Affairs, at: (207) 859-1220 or [email protected]