Professional & Career Development
Discovering a Career of Possibility at Marshall Communications Web Director | July 29, 2022

Abbey Violette ’23 jumped into the business world by pursuing a degree in Marketing Management at Thomas College. This summer she is taking the next step in her career as a public relations intern for Marshall Communications

A role in public relations wasn’t something Abbey had considered, but today she couldn’t imagine anything else. At Marshall Communications, she spends her days writing press releases, researching media contacts, and analyzing social media, all while learning from one of the largest global marketing firms in Maine. Each week she also writes a series called “Intern Diaries”, showcasing her weekly activities and tasks on social media and the Marshall Communications website.  

“The more I am learning at Marshall Communications, the more I realize that most people don’t understand PR in today’s marketing world. I think more people need to know that public relations is more than just sending press releases and gaining media coverage – rather, it is connecting a message to a target audience, regardless of how that message is sent or what medium it must go through,” Abbey wrote in one of her Intern Diaries.  

In the fall, Abbey will be back in the classroom at Thomas with her expanded knowledge, ready to complete her final year of her bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation she hopes to continue working in public relations, putting to use her strong writing and interpersonal skills. Abbey’s promising future is now more attainable than ever thanks to her business education from Thomas College and the valuable experience she has gained at Marshall Communications.