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Free Business Startup Workshops offered by the Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation at Thomas College MacKenzie Riley Young | March 3, 2023

WATERVILLE, MAINE, March 2023 – The Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation (HAIBI) at Thomas College will be offering a series of six free in-person business startup workshops for individuals in Central Maine throughout the months of March and April. All workshops will be held at Dirigo Labs located at the Hathaway Creative Center at 10 Water Street, Waterville, Maine.

On March 8, March 29 and April 19 from 6-7:15 p.m., ‘The Big Idea’ workshop will be held for interested individuals who have an idea for a business but need help taking it to the next step.  The workshop instructor will help those individuals refine their business idea, validate the market, find customers, and develop a business model.    

On March 22, April 5 and April 26 from 6- 7:15 p.m., the ‘Lean Launch’ workshop will be held for individuals who already have a refined business idea or may have attended ‘The Big Idea’ workshop and want to learn how to launch their business quickly using just five steps and for less than $500.

“There’s a lot of people with great business ideas who never take that next step,” said Michael Duguay, Executive Director of the Harold Alfond Institute for Business Innovation at Thomas College. “What we find out is that all they needed was a little help at the beginning of the process refining their idea and finding the right business model.”  These two free workshops will provide participants with that help and instruction. 

Duguay is a certified entrepreneurship and innovation coach and is the instructor of the free workshops being offered.

“It’s been my experience that most potential entrepreneurs are just one or two clicks away from getting it right. They just need a different vantagepoint and some outside help at the right time in order for things to take off,” said Duguay. 

For more information on these free workshops, individuals can go to or call 207-859-1151.    

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