Alumni Spotlight: Kayla LeBlanc ’15 Web Director | February 24, 2023

Alumna Kayla (Collins) LeBlanc ’15 recently landed a new job as a PACE (Persistence and Continuing Education) Coordinator for Campus Compact in New Hampshire. She’ll be working with high school students across 13 school districts in Northern rural New Hampshire to connect students with programs and opportunities to become future ready.

woman with long blonde hair and a white turtle neck sweater smiling at camera and standing against a blank white wall

“This is a huge opportunity for me to give back to the community that I was born and raised into and I’m super excited to help out the younger generation,” she said.

Kayla studied psychology and science while at Thomas College and notes the late Cindy Lepley as someone who helped guide her during her time here.

“My time at Thomas helped me prepare for my career, especially working as a peer mentor helping each incoming freshman class transition from high school to college. Now I’m helping current high school and middle school students learn more about college and other opportunities they can achieve after high school,” said Kayla.

Since graduating from Thomas, she has worked in several types of roles including in a residential program in two different states, to working in a special needs preschool, to family reunification, to a special Ed Para then a teacher assistant at a daycare, to her new role.

“I’m passionate about helping others in any way I can. It makes me feel so amazing when I know I was able to help guide someone in the right direction or to just be that person someone can talk to about anything,” said Kayla, saying her psychology major was the perfect fit for her.

“Thomas College helped bring me a promising future by helping me prepare myself for the real world,” she said.