Alumni Success Story: Meredith Wheeler ’20 Web Director | February 24, 2023

Meredith Wheeler ’20 recently landed a new job as the Marketing Director for STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers in Augusta. She’s in charge of regularly updating and creating content for the firm’s website and social media platforms, and planning and promoting events and partnerships.

person with long brown hair and green sweater smiling at camera with blurry green background

“I am very excited about this job because I am the first Marketing Director the firm has had. This gives me the ability to really start things from the ground up, and create a cohesive and consistent marketing plan and brand identity,” she said.

Meredith studied Digital Marketing Management and Sports Management at Thomas College.

“I enjoyed not only the real-life experience that my professors had, which allowed them to prepare us for the real world, but also to complete numerous projects that prepared me to take on anything post-grad,” she said. “From business cards, to magazine covers, to websites for a start-up business, I was able to gain expertise in various aspects of marketing, all while being in the classroom.”

She also gained experience for her future field while at Thomas by working for the Thomas College Athletics Department helping the Sports Information Director and as a Marketing Intern for the NAC (North Atlantic Conference) where she took what she learned in the classroom and applied it to real-life situations.

Meredith said after graduation, she wasn’t ready to sit at a computer. She managed a coffee shop and a restaurant kitchen before getting a job in her field.

“I think taking your time after graduation needs to be more normalized. It is your life, after all, and you should always strive to do what is best for you,” she said.

Meredith says, “I am happy and proud to have gone to a college that gave me a great experience, personally and professionally.”