Graduate & Professional Studies
Success in the One Year Master’s Degree Program Web Director | February 23, 2023

Saige Allard ’21, MS ’22 took the opportunity to accelerate her degrees at Thomas College to the next level.

She recently graduated with her Master’s in Criminology in one year this December, and her bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology in less than three years. She now works as a Background Investigator for Peraton.

Saige is proud to have completed her degrees so quickly and to have landed a nice paying job with great benefits. She said she’s excited to see how her master’s degree helps succeed her in this field even more.

“Thomas College has really impacted me in an amazing way and has helped me crush all of my goals I had set for myself upon entering Thomas,” said Saige. “I have met my soulmate on campus, met so many amazing friends and colleagues, and got a great education at Thomas.”

Congrats, Saige!