Professional & Career Development
Graduating Student Highlight: Brooke Phillips ’24 MacKenzie Riley Young | May 20, 2024

Brooke Phillips is a first-generation college student from Windham, ME who landed a spot in the highly selective Bangor Savings Bank management trainee program. There were over 100 candidates, 65 interviews (including 12 internal candidates), 13 final interviews and Brooke was one of the four selected. At Thomas, Brooke was Student Senate President, part of the President’s Innovation Challenge, and a Thomas Scholar (a top academic graduate).

Brooke says her experiences at Thomas paired with the counseling from Professional and Career Development (PCD) helped her to land this amazing opportunity.

“I would not have had the success I did If I was not supported by the PCD office,” said Brooke. “PCD offered resume help, interview coaching and other workshops through career readiness week that all helped in my overall preparedness prior to taking on this position. PCD was actively looking for positions that aligned with what I wanted to pursue post-graduation, they  recommended the job, fixed me resume, and help me prepare for a successful interview.”

She was also about to connect with SVP and Director of Talent, Diversity & Inclusion for Bangor Savings Bank David Pease who she met through the interview process which begins on Thomas College’s campus.

“We are thrilled to have hired Brooke for the 2024 Management Trainee program. She has been an outstanding college leader. She is a great communicator, critical thinker, collaborative and caring human,” said David. “I’m excited for Brooke – I know she is going to have an excellent career and the management trainee program at BSB will provide her the experience, opportunities and visibility to do it in an accelerated way. I am also excited that she will continue her graduate studies at Thomas College, and the Bank is going to help pay for it. Brooke is building both her work and education credentials at the same time, which will make her exceptionally marketable. So excited to work with Brooke and watch her grow and shine her brilliance!”

David Pease, a Thomas College Board of Trustee member, with Brooke Phillips ’24 at Commencement.

Brooke says she was motivated to pursue the management trainee position because of the opportunity for growth professionally and personally through direct mentorship at the bank.

“The advice that I would give to other students that are aspiring to land a management trainee role would be to take advantage of leadership/involvement opportunities as well as professional development opportunities, because that is what you will be, a professional leader who gets involved,” she said. “I am passionate about creating and implementing positive policies, projects, products, and events. I love talking to people and networking with others, this position aligns with everything that I could possibly want in a job, and if this speaks to your authentic self than continue shining and you can get here too.”

Congrats, Brooke!