November Terrier STAR: Allison Moloney Web Director | November 1, 2022

Allison Moloney, Assistant Professor of Science, is known for her vibrant personality and dedication to Thomas College. 

Allison, an employee of the College since 2020, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for her career focus, institutional inventiveness, providing a personalized experience and inspiring environment, and care and community.

“’THE Allison Moloney’, as students often refer to her, is the epitome of ‘Terrier STAR.’  She has a clear passion for teaching which creates an infectious love for learning among her students.  She is respected, accessible, and authentic in her interactions with all.  She has been a huge mentor to many and has guided several on to their next career steps in the medical field.  She is a great team player who willingly and knowledgeably steps into leadership roles as needed and helps to elevate us all.  Allison is a HUGE advocate for supporting the whole student.  We are fortunate to have her as a true star among our Thomas community,” said a fellow colleague.

Allison is known as a fierce advocate for what she believes in. She is constantly going the extra mile for our campus. It is obvious that Allison truly cares about the entire Thomas College community.

“Dr. Moloney has enthusiasm and energy that get translated into her everyday teaching. She is an excellent instructor,” another colleague said. 

Congrats, Allison!