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Pivoting to a New Career Field with an Online Master’s Degree Web Director | July 27, 2022

Tiffany Laing M.S. ’22 stepped on the Thomas College campus for the first time when she arrived to pick up her regalia ahead of Commencement. 

Tiffany began her career in the US Coast Guard, selflessly serving our country for 10 years. Upon the completion of her service, she knew it was time to pivot into a new field and a master’s degree in one year, with the goal to become a law enforcement officer, was intriguing to her.  

Choosing Thomas was perfect for the Winslow, Maine native, as it was both local and virtual. With ease, Tiffany completed the 10-month, online master’s in criminology, advancing her career, diversifying her experience, and reaching her goals.  

“This degree is going to greatly help me in my career as a law enforcement officer, with all the knowledge I have gained,” said Tiffany. “The more you are educated in your field of work, the more you can help to foster an enriching and productive work environment.”  

That is exactly what Tiffany is doing. A goal that Tiffany set at the beginning of her degree program has been achieved. She is now a law enforcement officer at the Colorado Springs Police Department where she is continuing her life’s mission of serving others. And she was able to do that thanks to her hard work in a degree program that fit her lifestyle and professional goals.