A Thriving Entrepreneur Web Director | July 26, 2022

It is rare to know fresh out of college what you want to do with the rest of your life. It is even more uncommon to graduate with a fully developed business existing as your sole source of income. For Maddie Thornton ’22, owner of M. Thornton Photography, this is her reality.   

While her brain did not always know that owning a photography business was in her future, her heart had been drawn to it for as long as she could remember. Maddie’s experience in photography started in middle school when she started having casual photoshoots with friends. It was not until sophomore year of college that she finally was ready to take the plunge into business development.   

Once her mind was made, Maddie dedicated herself to building her business, all while completing her marketing management degree at Thomas College. During the day she attended her classes, soaking in as much information as possible from her business professors. On the weekends and during breaks she dedicated herself to growing her skills through sessions and mentorships so she could cut into the competitive photography industry after graduation.  

“There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful business behind the scenes, and my marketing management degree has helped me effectively and efficiently run, advertise, grow, and remain consistent with my business,” said Maddie. “I could not have made the growth that I have without the knowledge I gained at Thomas College.”   


Equally as impressive as her entrepreneurial spirit is Maddie’s unbounding creativity and ability to connect with her clients at a deep level. She brings something unique and important to the table with the work that she creates in her lifestyle and portrait photography sessions. Her photos are warm, authentic, and full of personality. You get to know her clients just from looking at their galleries.  

“I have so much fun at all my sessions and I love being able to get creative and bring out my art,” said Maddie. “My favorite shoots are always the ones that just feel like I’m running around hanging out with friends who are down for any ideas I throw at them!”  

Today, just a few months after graduation, her business is thriving thanks to her vision, creativity, perseverance, and the connections she made while at Thomas College.  

If you would like to connect with Maddie, including booking a mentorship or photography session, visit