Students Earn Wilderness First Aid Certification; Prepared for Maine Outdoor Job Opportunities MacKenzie Riley Young | December 6, 2023

This December, Professional Guide Nancy Zane of North Star Adventures taught and trained a number of Thomas College students in Wilderness First Aid.

Wilderness First Aid is an essential certification for many employment opportunities tied to the outdoors (e.g., Game Warden, Marine Patrol, Forest Ranger, Ecotourism, Environmental and Natural Resource Protection, Professional Outdoor Guide).

Students learned and practiced skills to deal with a myriad of injuries associated with the outdoors including soft tissue wounds, broken limbs, skin burns, shock, head injuries, hypothermia, heart attacks, and  diabetic events. 

Thomas College offers a criminal justice degree with a concentration in conservation law enforcement as well as many other concentrations within the security field.

This course was made possible to our students through funding from Thomas College’s Fire and Ice Program, which provides eligible students with the means to acquire professional credentials, certifications and licenses that are specific to their field of study and career of interest. 

The following students are certified for the next two years: Seth Pinkham, Tiffany Paris, Emily Snyder, Caden Crosby, Tyler Charest, Alexis DeLaite, and John Clifford. Congratulations!