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Thomas College Launches New Physical/Health Education K-12 Degree MacKenzie Riley Young | January 29, 2024

WATERVILLE, MAINE, January 2024 — Thomas College announces a new physical/health education K-12 undergraduate degree through its Peter and Paula Lunder School of Education to prepare preservice teachers in Health and Physical Education for grades K-12. This new program joins the College’s suite of teacher certification programs at the early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary levels.

“We are so excited to offer a program geared towards Health and Physical Education out of the Lunder School of Education. This program fills a need in the local and state community and responds to a request from our own students here at Thomas,” said Lunder School of Education Chair Dr. Katie Rybakova. “We are excited to partner with faculty across our campus as well as stellar professionals out in the field to prepare future physical education and health educators.”

“There is a real need in Maine schools to focus on health and wellness,” said Thomas College Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Thomas Edwards. “Students need opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to lead healthy lives, to prepare them for the physical and mental challenges of school, inside and outside the classroom.”

Students in the program will complete courses ranging from Strength and Conditioning and Sports Psychology to Public Health and Disease Prevention. This content knowledge is then complemented with courses on effective classroom teaching and field experiences to gain hands-on knowledge in the field.

For more about this program and the offerings at the Lunder School of Education click here.

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