Student Stories
Your Pathway to a Promising Future, Guaranteed Web Director | September 15, 2022

In May, Sam Falla became the first person in his family to graduate from college. 

During his time at Thomas, Sam worked hard both academically and financially, receiving honors and high honors throughout all his semesters here and by working full time while going to school so he could pay for college on his own. 

Sam is extremely proud that he was able to finish his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in only three years through Thomas College’s 3-plus-one program.

The Palermo, Maine native graduated debt free, without financial assistance from his parents or other family members. His determination paired with Thomas College’s generous scholarship offerings and personalized approach made his college experience affordable and attainable.

Sam understands hard work, and he is grateful for the opportunities he gained at Thomas:

“The foundation, education, and experience Thomas has offered me has given me the ability to achieve the career and life goals I have set for myself going forward,” he said. 

Sam started a full-time job with Unum as a benefits specialist in June. His experience with Thomas College’s committed professional and career development staff and Guaranteed Job Program™ helped make that possible.

Sam is just one of the many examples of Thomas College graduates who have found success here and are staying and working in Maine after graduation.

If you or someone you know is looking for a place to grow and thrive, this could be the place for you. Thomas College is your pathway to a promising future, guaranteed.