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Thomas Alumni Thriving in Central Maine Web Director | September 15, 2022

If you work in Maine, there is a good chance you know someone or work with someone who attended Thomas College. Thomas alumni are proud of their education and love meeting other Thomas graduates. 

These three alumnae are lucky to work with one another frequently – and are making a name for themselves in central Maine.  

Nancy Marshall M.B.A. ’94 is known across the state as Maine’s PR Maven. She founded her widely successful public relations agency more than 30 years ago and says her Thomas MBA played a part in her success over the years. 

“Thomas taught me about business and marketing so I could not only grow my own business but also help clients grow and market their businesses,” said Nancy. 
She has made a name for herself and Marshall Communications while helping build up other young Mainers, including several fellow Thomas graduates. 

For example, Whitney (Moreau) Raymond ’09, M.B.A. ’10 began working for Nancy shortly after graduating from Thomas and is now Vice President of Marshall Communications. Emma Dimock ’19 started as an intern and, three years later, is the Relationship Manager. Student Abbey Violette ’23 is currently an intern at Marshall Communications. And Nancy is helping mentor Kayla Bess ’19 at Maine Grains (one of her clients) in PR skills. 

Emma attributes her job as Relationship Manager today to Thomas College’s strong alumni network. “It’s fun to work with clients all over the country and around the world, but I am most passionate about the clients we have right here in Maine,” said Emma. “My connection to these organizations is even deeper because I have heard about them, seen them, or visited them, including Maine Grains. When I get to work with businesses that are local to where I live and grew up, I feel like I understand them better because they are part of my community. I also want to help them succeed, thereby strengthening the community overall.” 

Kayla is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Maine Grains and is working with Marshall Communications on public relations for Maine Grains’ 10th Anniversary celebration. 

“When I graduated, I had every intention of working in the sports industry, but sometimes life has other plans for you. Regardless of industry or area of study, Thomas College helped lay the foundation for a successful career,” said Kayla. 

And Kayla has thrived so far: “During my first year at Maine Grains, I successfully onboarded more than 30 new wholesale customers and expanded distribution options for our freshly milled grains throughout the Northeast. I have led the charge in planning and organizing various events we have attended over the past year, including some new tradeshows for Maine Grains (i.e., The Big E and Maine Cheese Festival).” 

Kayla said she has had a lot of fun working with Nancy and Emma on PR for Maine Grains’ 10th Anniversary: “We have connected over our shared experience of attending Thomas College and are fostering a relationship that will last far beyond our work together.” 

Nancy, Emma, and Kayla are prime examples of Thomas College alumni making connections and working well together. We know there are more out there. Emma explains this special connection well: “Thomas alumni are dependable and have a particular drive and passion for their clients and the companies they represent.” 

*This story was originally published in the Summer 2022 Thomas Magazine. Read the full magazine here.