Thomas Magazine
Freedom to Innovate: A Career in Cyber Web Director | September 15, 2022

Gary Soucy, a born and raised Mainer, chose to complete a graduate degree from Thomas College to further his career and support the local Maine economy. 

During his time completing his master’s in Cybersecurity at Thomas, he has already been promoted and has developed a path for future professional development. He currently serves as Program Manager, Cybersecurity for Tyler Technologies in southern Maine. 

“I am proud to provide much-needed, high-quality services to the clients I serve and the company I work for and, most importantly, that I have improved my ability to provide for and support my family,” said Gary. 

He is happy to have found his true calling in the field of cyber: “I am passionate about spreading the gospel of cybersecurity and am a self-identified cyber-evangelist. There is no greater satisfaction than helping others.” 

But it wasn’t a straight-forward or easy path.  

“I have spent much of my career in survival mode. After getting bounced around by the ‘dot com’ bubble bursting; suffering job loss; and working for poor decision-makers, I had to reinvent and rebuild myself throughout much of this century. My education and certifications have helped me find stability in trying times,” said Gary. 
“With an MS, Cybersecurity from Thomas, I feel assured that my future will continue to be stable; will allow me the freedom to innovate; and will allow me to create a vehicle for continuous growth for myself and those around me.” 

*This story was originally published in the Summer 2022 Thomas Magazine. Read the full magazine here.