Library Policies

The Mission of the Thomas College Library states that we must “support the academic and personal enrichment of students, faculty, and staff”. In order to do this, maintaining a welcoming environment that can accommodate multiple learning styles for all users is something we need to accomplish every day.

As such, Information Services has identified acceptable noise levels for the Library which considers the architecture of the space and the desires of our student community. The main Library is now a designated “Quiet Academic Environment”, which means that volume must be kept at a low level, below that of normal conversation. This is not the same as a “Silent Academic Environment” where no noise would be acceptable. Rather, we encourage collaboration at reasonable indoor levels which would not disrupt or interfere with the learning abilities of those around you.

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Consideration Summary

  • There may be occasional noise from the Service Desk which occurs as part of routine operation (phone calls, user interactions, low conversation, etc). This will be kept to a minimum as much as possible to respect the quiet academic environment.
  • Group Study Rooms are not soundproof. Keep voices down to a low (i.e., “inside voice”) conversation level.
  • Audio may be listened to with headphones, provided that it is inaudible to others.
  • Noise is to be expected during library tours or other special events.
  • Cell phone conversation should be kept to a minimum. Please use other spaces outside of the library should you need to extend your conversation for any length of time.


Both Service Desk and Library professional staff will periodically walk around and “sweep” the library space when the library is operational. All library and service desk staff members are authorized to address and resolve any noise complaints.

  • A staff member will approach disruptive individuals/groups and politely ask them to lower their voices and stop the disruptive behavior. The disruptive individuals or groups will receive a friendly reminder to follow the Library’s Disruptive Behavior Policy.
  • If a library staff member needs to approach the individuals or groups a second time, he/she will give them a written copy of the Library Disruptive Behavior Policy and inform them that they will be asked to leave if they continue their distributive behavior.
  • Disruptive individuals or groups who do not correct their behavior after the first two warnings will be asked to leave the library. Public Safety will be contacted if the individual or group refuses to comply.

Noncompliance: If a student fails to comply with directives of Service Desk or Library Professional employees, a report will be made to the Dean of Students who is responsible for enforcing Thomas College’s Student Code of Conduct. Visitors who do not comply with employee directives will be referred to Public Safety.


  • It is expected that all members of the Thomas College community and their guests shall comply with stated library policies.
  • Should individuals or groups become disruptive, the Library encourages users to take initial action by asking the offending individuals or group to quiet down.
  • Alternatively, or if their own request proves ineffective, users may contact the Service Desk staff either in person or by phone/email (207-859-1204 | [email protected]) with any noise complaints.
  • During standard business hours. Library users may also register a compliant via the Library Complaint Form, available online at The complaint will be forwarded to library professional staff who will follow up accordingly.