A Love for Racing Web Director | May 7, 2018

jim delorie Jim Delorie MBA ’14 lives in Oakland right on the lake and loves being able to jump in on a hot day. Jim grew up playing sports – and played collegiate football. After college, he began his career in youth recreation.

Now, Jim is the Assistant Dean for Student Engagement at Thomas College. He’s worked at the college for eight years.

He’s happy to work for the College and loves being able to bring his six-year-old son, Cooper, to campus.

“I love working at Thomas because of the atmosphere. I can drop into people’s offices instead of email and our students are second to none. They help us foster a wonderful community on campus,” he said.

But work isn’t everything. As part of attempting to gain a work-life balance, it’s important to have hobbies outside of work, too. Jim says outside of work he’s a dad, obstacle course racer, fisher, hiker, camper, video gamer, and a lover of food.

Six years ago, Jim tried out an obstacle course, called Spartan Racing, and he’s been hooked ever since.

Earlier this month, he ran the first of three stadium race events as part of the 2018 Spartan Race season.

jim delorie

“It was 3.5 miles in City Field in New York with more than 20 obstacles,” said Jim. “I was having a great race until the spear throw obstacle that cost me the chance at a top 10 finish.”

Jim said he likes having something outside of work to focus on.

“It keeps me motivated to stay fit and train. Also, having a six-year-old asking all the time how you’re doing and cheering for you is a big motivation,” he said. “After college with no sport to train for, I lost motivation for several years before becoming an obstacle course race enthusiast and ultimately learning to enjoy running.”

When asked what health and wellness meant to him, Jim said, “Staying well and enjoying the outdoors. For me the ability to run or compete on mountains and along trails is exhilarating.”

Jim said health and wellness is important because it is a life-long journey.

“My wife, Mandy, and I hope we can show that importance and pass along to our son, Cooper.”